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Founded in 1989 3dr Models is a most dynamic & A-list model maker which the whole world is familiar with. 3dr's work covers: residential development; government buildings; university buildings; airports; public & private institutions; banking and financial institutions; health care facilities; recreational & sports facilities, etc.

Besides, other supporting facilities such as model transportation; model relocation; model installation; model modification warehouse for the model are available. No matter where you are, 3dr brings the world to you. No matter what time it is, 3dr is always at your service.

We Practice & Grow Up

From its modest inception, 3dr has grown to become an internationally recognized full service firm. 3dr's production center boasts an area of totally 50,000 square feet. it is well equipped with state-of-the-art machine. it has 12 sets of Laser-Cutting machine, & 100 sets of the latest computer. & it has more than 400 skillful professional model maker, under the leadership of 20 senior project managers. in the spirit of offering the outstanding service to meet our clients desire & expectation. every step & process of production is under strict supervision to those who are in charge of the project.

Since it's establishment, 3dr spares no efforts to seek after perfection. It has completed more than 5,000 projects in the past few years. 3dr works closely with those top architectural companies around every corner of the world, 3dr has set its foot on more than 30 countries (over 70 cities) in almost every region of the world including Asia, Europe, North America, & Africa.

To witness 3dr's great progress. to witness the world's miracle's. It is 3dr's honor to grow up with all who care for 3dr.

People Oriented, Success Followed !

3dr aims to provide high quality architectural building models & supporting services through teamwork by ensuring the provision of responsive, effective & value-added services, which meet the needs of the architectural circle.

3dr cherishes very much the close relationships & promising opportunities with its friends, old & new. During the past years, we have made tremendous strides towards achieving seamless customer services. As a key strategy & effectiveness in the model making process, 3dr values very much each of its employees to acquire new competencies & skill necessary to fulfill our goal.

3dr us active in tailoring its service to satisfy its clients all over the world. Despite the fact that the challenges ahead for the company are many & varied, 3dr firmly believes that excellent work will lead to an even greatest success ahead.

Join 3dr to sparkle the world & make the world a better place!

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