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Dani A. Bterrani

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3dr Models C.E.O Mr.Dani A. Bterrani has made a solid mark in the architectural model industry from a very young age. Born to an architect father, he got his basic training on blueprints and scale model calculations.
Now heading 3dr Models, a huge company that has grown to become an internationally recognized firm, with production center boasting an area of 50,000 sq.feet, well equipped state of the art machines, and more than 400 skillful professional model makers, has been a part of more than 5000 projects.

Mr.Dani A. Bterrani Quotes:

I tried to recall the look of every model we made over 15 years, and it eludes me. I tried to recollect the road that we have walked during the past 15 years, and it evades my grasp. But here, on this website, what is recalled and what is grasped are put into words, so that they may not flee again. These are the yesterday, today and tomorrow of this company: what we have achieved, what we are striving to achieve, and what we expect to achieve in the days to come.

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