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How Much Does A Model Cost ?

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There are no definitive answers to this question as every model is a unique project. Prices range from thousands to millions. Big complicated models obviously cost more than small simple models but there are no fixed price bands that can be applied to these projects.
The only way we can give a realistic estimate for your model is by looking at whatever information you have and getting a feel for how complex the project is, with regard to the size, detailing, lighting, etc.
When a project's drawing, photos or sketches are received; they are brought before our staff for input. When all these project items are calculated a total project cost is determined. This pricing method is the same for all our customers.
Our goal is to keep our business competitive for years to come, while providing a top quality creation at a reasonable price.

What materials are used to build the model?

The majority of models are made from high grade acrylic which lasts a lifetime. 3dr Models has experience in working with a variety of different materials so please contact us if you have any special requirements.

How to decide what scale to build the model ?

When planning a model, the most important step is to establish the scale at which the model needs to be built. The first things that should be kept in mind are, what is the purpose of the model, how much space is available to showcase the model and how much detailing needs to be shown on the model. Scales are actually very simple. 1:1 scale would be the real life size. 1:10 would be one tenth of the actual size. 1:100 will be one hundredth of the actual size. For very large sites, a much larger scale is used 1:1000.

How long does it take to build a model ?

Each model is different. A simple concept model could take just a few days. Whereas a large, interactive model could take eight to ten weeks, depending on its complexities.
We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver models in the shortest amount of time,in the market today.

What are the information required to make a model ?

A full set of CAD drawings, max files, perspectives, landscapes and detailed finishes, or Equivalent would make our job easy. The information can be sent on a disc, via email, or through FTP (in case of large files), In case some of the files mentioned are not available an Architectural AutoCAD files and perspectives are very much preferred, however in worst case scenarios we have also worked on hand made sketches and photographs.

What format should the information be sent in ?

The information can be sent as Pdfs,Dwgs,Jpgs, Sketchup, 3d Max ...etc

What data do I need for a quotation ?

A description of your requirements, including the appropriate drawings/perspectives (Scale,Site,Plan,Elevation). Our quotations are without charge or obligation.

How can I monitor the progress of my job?

We email regular digital photos of the model to our clients that shows the progress of the work done.

How late can changes be made on the model?

Changes can be incorporated in the model at any point during construction but there may be a charge incurred for any abortive work already carried out. Significant alterations may also affect the completion date.However as a gesture of good will we usually try to carry out minor changes without any additional cost or delays to the deadline.

Do I need to inspect the finished model before delivery ?

It is not essential to come in and inspect the finished model before it is delivered although some clients prefer to do this. We will send any views or angles you need as well as detailed close-ups of any query areas.

Does the model come with the base ?

This depends on the size of the model and where you are intending to display it. Smaller models can be displayed on any desk or suitable sturdy table. For larger models we can provide you different options of model base from solid wood. We can offer a wide variety of designs and materials. The expense of the base is passed along to the customer and will be shown in the quotation.

How will the model be delivered ?

The options for delivery will vary from model to model. All models from small to large complex projects will be delivered by our own staff, as they require careful setting up or an element of demonstration. In certain cases, to insure safe shipment we custom build each shipping crate to the exact fit of each particular project, in house. These crates are sturdy and re-usable. They are the only way to insure safe passage and are a part of the services we provide.

Can you supply a flight case (Travel Case) for the model?

3dr Models can provide a custom-built case to any dimensions or specifications you require for the model.

Can I visit 3dr models to have a look ?

We will be more than happy to invite you to our office and take you through the model making process, show you different models created and answer any queries you may have.

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