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Model Makers Dubai RJ Models’s Flashy Replicas of Luxury Homes   28-05-2015
The model-maker creates intricate designs from its workshop in Shenzhen, China. Walking into the workshop of RJ Models,one could mistake the six-floor factory in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen for a dollhouse maker.. ...More

Model Makers Dubai Seahorse inspired Dubai hotel models created by 3dr   30-04-2015
3dr Models has completed its miniature of a hotel on an island fashioned in the shape of a giant seahorse which is set to be built off the coast of Dubai. ...More

Model Making Dubai 3dr Models create Egypt’s new capital in miniature   16-03-2015
Egypt’s plans for a new capital city can now be seen in miniature following the creation of intricately detailed three dimension small scale renderings by 3drModels. ...More

Model Makers Dubai Massive Dubai waterfront project revealed in miniature   11-10-2014
A waterfront development in Dubai featuring a life-sized pirate ship has been unveiled in a 1-150th scale diorama created by 3dr Models ...More

Model Makers Dubai Scale model makers are building business at this year's Cityscape   02-10-2014
Scale model maker 3dr stole the show at Cityscape with its model of the Mall of the World, as well as this 143 square metre model of La Mer — the biggest at the show....More

World's Largest Mall World's Largest Mall Project Revealed In Miniature   25-09-2014
3dr Showcases models of massive Dubai development including shops, cultural centre, shopping boulevards, skyscrapers, retractable roofs and a dome which will be open in winter to allow in natural heat and light ...More

Dubai’s lavish plans The ‘psychic’ of Cityscape Global says Dubai’s lavish plans are just tip of the iceberg   24-09-2014
Billions of dirhams worth of lavish real estate projects – from giant pyramids to a new seafront for Jumeirah – have been unveiled in Dubai this week. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the mega projects in the ...More

Mall of the World by 3drmodels Mall of the World miniatures revealed by 3dr Models   20-07-2014
Miniature representations of the Mall of the World have been revealed by model-makers 3dr. The world’s largest shopping mall is set to be constructed in Dubai as part of the “world’s first temperature-controlled city.” It is planned to have a dome over it ...More

Emirati Culture Design In Miniature Emirati Culture Design In Miniature   14-06-2014
Scaled-down designs of project by 3dr Models which will transform Dubai Creek have been unveiled. The royal assent for the heritage-based development was given last month ...More

$544m Dubai Creek project Model plans for $544m Dubai Creek project   26-05-2014
Model makers 3dr have designed a a series of detailed miniatures for a project to revitalise Dubai Creek. The $544m development project for a 1.8km stretch of the waterfront is scheduled for completion by the end of 2016. It will consist of ...More

Dani Bterrani Dani Bterrani, founder 3dr Models on adapting to technology   20-05-2014
Are architectural models still relevant in the computer and 3d printing age? With all the new high tech technologies available in the market these days, still nothing portray a project as vividly as a physical 3d model, it is the only way ...More

Dubai Creek project revealed Designs for Dubai Creek project revealed in miniature   15-05-2014
Detailed models of a new development for Dubai Creek have been revealed as HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved a $544 development project for a 1.8km stretch of the waterfront 3dr Models put together the intricate miniature representation of the development, ...More

Dubai Canal extension Bridging the Dubai Canal extension   06-05-2014
A proposed 1km bridge carrying traffic using Sheikh Zayed Road over the planned Dubai Water Canal will take two-an-a-half years to complete says the man who designed the city’s Garhoud Bridge. Architect Andre Meyerhans said the planned 8m tall 16 lane structure is ...More

Saudi Arabian Roof is Most Complex Ever Saudi Arabian Roof is Most Complex Ever   15-04-2014
The intricate roof designs of a large-scale financial centre for Riyahd, Saudi Arabia- Which have been hailed by its designers as the most complex ever assembled -can be seen in close up via a series of models put together ...More

Middle East Architect Awards 2014 The Ultimate Guide To Entering The Middle East Architect Awards 2014   15-03-2014
The most eagerly anticipated event in the region for the professionals will take place on November 19 and here are some top tips for those who want to take part in a celebration of all that is best in building ...More

Complex Saudi roof design Models show complex Saudi roof design in detail   26-02-2014
The intricate designs of a roof of a new large-scale financial centre for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – which have been hailed by its designers as the most complex ever . assembled – can be seen in close up via a series of models. Architects ...More

People that have shaped the architecture of the middle east Top 50 People That Have Shaped The Architecture Of The Middle East   18-12-2013
Dani A. Bterrani Founder of 3dr Models, Working on creating the first solid visualisations of the world's leading architects Dani Bterrani's Dubai-Based company is instrumental in shaping the future and its creations were a big draw at this year's Cityscape. ...More

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